Online store provides its consumers with a high-end selection of apparel and accessories. To reassure our website users that we value their privacy, we include extensive data about our personal information on every page.

Additionally, customers are made aware that their personal data won’t be rented, sold, or otherwise exposed to third-party companies without their consent.

Individual Details

Making sure that the data we obtain about you is handled morally and legally is involved. We won’t sell your information, give it to anyone else, or otherwise, make it public as a result (private or public).

It may be easier for you to understand your rights if we give you more information about how we use and share personal data.

Online Trackers

We may use cookies and other technologies to collect data about your online activity on our website and other websites in order to deliver personalized content, including advertisements.

Web browsers store little files called cookies. They provide consumers with a means of identification and data storage. Some privacy issues are raised by the potential for this data to be accessible to other websites the user visits in the future.

A cookie may nevertheless store personal data about you, such as your name, phone number, address, and credit card information, even if it isn’t a virus. Websites also use cookies to keep track of applications and the items in your shopping cart.

Beacons are used by businesses for a variety of purposes, like tracking how frequently you visit their website or preventing you from seeing a certain ad too frequently.

Management Of Personal Information

By using our services, you give us personal information. We monitor your online actions across many websites in addition to our own.

We utilize this information to provide and improve our services so that you have a better, more individualized experience, to interact with you about our activities, and for security purposes.

Additionally, with your permission or in the event of one of the following circumstances, we may divulge your information to other parties:

  • When it is necessary for us to disclose information to comply with a court order or legal need to keep our records accurate
  • To send you our mailing
  • We’ve sent you the promotional materials for our most recent products and services¬†
  • In order to protect the important interests of another when sharing contest and advertising information with you
  • Remember the welfare of the general public when conducting research

You Have The Right To Reach Out To Us

Your personal information can always be changed or deleted. Following your registration, you can:

  • We will send you promotional materials if you so want
  • At any time, you have the right to request that we cease contact with you with marketing materials
  • No one else will receive your personal information for their own marketing campaigns

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Additionally, you can restrict how we use the data we gather about you. Other rights consist of:

  • You can ask us to delete, update, or modify any personal information we may hold on you by getting in touch with us at any time using the details above
  • In a similar vein, if you’d like us to stop utilizing your personal information, please contact our data protection officer
  • You have the right to ask us to stop using and processing your data

Updated Privacy Statement

This privacy policy is subject to change at times. For the sake of staying informed, kindly check it frequently or whenever it is convenient for you. makes users aware of its data-gathering processes on its website to reassure them that the company takes their privacy seriously. We also let people know what actions our company is taking to fix any issues with the way their data is handled. retains custody of your data as long as we abide by consumer complaints and the Data Protection Act.